LMPI - Licence, Master professionnels pour le développement, l’administration, la gestion, la protection des systèmes et réseaux informatiques dans les entreprises en Moldavie, au Kazakhstan, au Vietnam

The project
The LMPI project aims at establishing Bachelor's and Master's degrees for the protection of computer systems and networks in three Partner Countries: Vietnam, Moldova and Kazakhstan. The programmes will be entirely or partially delivered by distance learning. Additionally, in order to bridge skills gaps at both technician and engineer levels, the partners will develop a lifelong learning program for professionals who are already active in this field. The curricula developed in the framework of the LMPI project target the needs of private companies in need of specialists who can improve computer network security and protect them against cybercrime.
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Developing new academic curricula in the field of computer and network security; training professors and university staff from Partner Countries in modern e-learning methodologies in higher education; making educational resources in the field of the Cybersecurity available to the students online; establishing double and/or joint degrees between European and partner country universities; offering lifelong learning programs to professionals in the field.
The project relies on a solid interinstitutional partnership: the members of the consortium are academic and public institutions, along with enterprises specialized in IT security, with the experience and expertise necessary to achieve the objectives of the project.