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GPI 3 (interregional steering group)

Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)
4-6 12 2018

During the GPI 3 (Groupe de Pilotage Inter regions), the following activities and deliverables (already produced and to be produced) have been discussed:
  • General update on the state of implementation of the project
  • Sustainability plan in teh three regions
  • Students enrolled in all partner universities: current situation and forecast
  • Modular lifelong learning tool: general approach, templates, graphic identity
  • State-of-the-art of the activities on entrepreneurship
  • Overview of FOAD activities
  • Partner e-learnign platforms
  • Official project website
  • Update on equipment purchase
  • Administrative and financial management
  • Interim report 
  • Quality report
  • Next steps and action plan.