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GPI 1 (interregional steering group)

Lyon (France)
20-24 03 2017

During the GPI 1 (Groupe de Pilotage Inter regions), the following presentations have been done:

  • Presentation of the project and of the consortium
  • Presentation of the European universities’ educational offer and educational resources in the field of computer security
  • Presentation of the website architecture and of graphical map and project logos
  • Presentation of the distance educational platforms
  • Presentation delivered by the partner universities of their educational offer and educational resources, including multimedia products, in the field of computer security (or similar issues)
  • Presentation of the tools and methodologies utilized to update the programs in compliance with the Bologna Process
  • Presentation delivered by  the European universities of their list of 6 tutors (name, discipline, telephone, e-mail) of the programs that will be the main project contributors
  • Presentation of the leaders of the partner universities of their lists of 6 updaters (for each university) of the programs whose expertise broadly covers the fields of computer security
  • General presentation of a CD-Rom of the LMPI tools and methodologies and details of specific documents (job sheets, accreditation file, mission statements, …)
  • Methodology of analysis of the needs in terms of business skills in the field of computer security
  • Presentation of the timesheet of the main activities
  • Presentation of the quality plan
  • Presentation of the project management tools