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GPR 6 - Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City
19-20 09 2019

This meeting focused on the preparation for the financial and technical report, and how to organise and transfer the information:

- Website
- E-learning platform for enrolled students
- MOOCs - Open Learning Resources
- Remarks on final Financial Report and proofs update
- Deadlines and general guidelines
- Examples and showcases:
    - Staff cost
    -  Travel cost and cost of stay
    - Equipment
    - Subcontracting
    - Co-financing
- Organization of Reporting Grid folder on Google Drive LMPI-P6-VN Region
- List of course contents and sample materials for the FOAD courses
- Update the list and contents of the FTLV courses (new courses since GPI)
- Information on TRE and didactic cyberspace teacher training
- Update the number of recruited students, if applicable.
- Redaction of Vietnam Regional Report
- Contribution of partners on
    1. Award criteria
• Relevance of project results
• Regional cooperation
    2. Quality of project’s implementation
         • Activities implemented and outputs
         • Quality Assurance measures
         • Equipment
         • Curriculum development
         • Links with society
    3. Quality of cooperation
         • Involvement of partners and stakeholders
         • Management of the grant
    4. Impact and sustainability
         • Impact (on the society, long term)
         • Dissemination
         • Sustainability / exploitation of results
         • Unexpected outcomes